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Counselling and Coaching Training

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Basic Course Information

Mind Your Health is now a centre that provides people with technical and vocational qualifications. Our courses are regulated by Ofqual, CCEA and Qualifications Wales which means that people both in the UK, and international, can attend our training.

    All our courses will initially be delivered via a video platform, where your learning will be led by a tutor experienced in both delivery of the course, and is also a practicing therapeutic counsellor or life coach.

      The courses have a natural pathway for those that attend if they wish to become a fully- qualified counsellor or life coach. However, these courses can also be attended by those who wish to develop their professional skills for their place of work, or simply have a vested interest in the subject matter.

        There are no hidden costs within the fees, and every single candidate that completes the course, assignments and any external assessments will receive an international qualification. One of the reasons we became a centre was to make this training more accessible to local, national and international communities. Our primary aim is to provide training, but also support, to those that wish to enter the environment of Counselling or Coaching.

Level 2 Introduction to Counselling Skills

This is our foundation course which all interested candidates need to attend first. A 30-hour course, this will introduce candidates to key aspects of being a ‘helper’, and begin to slowly apply therapeutic theories as they listen to those in needs.

    Beyond the skills and qualification, the Level 2 is an opportunity for candidates to experience counselling or coaching training without a lengthy period of dedication required in a Level 3 course.
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Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies

This is one of two courses you can progress onto from the Level 2 Introduction course.

    A 90-hour course, this will build on the skills learnt and covered on the Level 2 course and introduce further therapeutic theories into each week’s lesson. Alongside this, candidates will learn more about the ethics behind counselling as well as more in-depth learning of mental health and mental health disorders.

      Please note that this does not lead to employment as a counsellor, but as a required pre-practitioner training for those who wish to move into the field in the future.
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Level 3 Certificate in Life Coaching Studies

This is one of the two courses you can progress onto from the Level 2 Introduction course.

    A 90-hour course, this course is the first step in training to be an independent life coach. On this course you will learn to use life coaching skills and techniques in a variety of settings and roles such as health and social care, human resources, mentoring and support.
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