Mind Your Health was originally created in 2018 to provide CPD and support to environments that revolve around children and young people. The entertainment industry is one of these.

Mental Health Courses for the Entertainment Industry

We regularly received individual bookings from Tutors, chaperones and carers of children and young people in the entertainment industry, along with those who are part of professional academies. Overtime, we realised it was vital for us to create a specific provision for those working in the entertainment industry. Our provision covers both workshops for those in positions of responsibility but also policy writing and support.

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Workshops and policies

Our workshops are focused on the safeguarding procedures and processes required within the entertainment industry. Structured from our accredited Level 1 and 3 Safeguarding courses (can we have clickable links here for those courses?), our bespoke workshop for the entertainment industry builds on this whilst integrating more focused modules. These modules cover things such as:

• Statutory guidance in the entertainment industry
• Legal guidance
• How to report a concern on set or stage

Our workshop is 2.5 hours long and is instructor led by qualified and accredited instructors who have been in Designated Safeguarding Lead roles.

Policy writing and support

As is expected, policies are regularly updated each year due to new research and events within the respective field – safeguarding is no different. Mind Your Health offers support in the updating of safeguarding policies or, as is sometimes the case, we offer provision to create a whole new policy for your workplace within the entertainment industry.

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