DSL, Aldro

George has delivered some outstanding training, both Safeguarding and Mental Health First Aid. Both courses were thought provoking, taught those who have plenty of experience new things, and was delivered in a clear and engaging way. Excellent CPD for those just embarking and skilled alike.

- Tom Rainer, Assistant Head

Rugby School Thailand

George ran a superb Suicide First Aid training course that I attended with my colleague. We found him a very knowledgeable, personable and inclusive trainer. We were so impressed with his course delivery that we decided to discuss our own training needs for our staff and students with him. The students enjoyed The Mental Health Warriors course he delivered.

- Peter Andrew Lynch, Head of Wellbeing & DSL, Rugby School Thailand

Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Fantastic energy with all stakeholders when conducting training- warm, genuine and approachable. Training was personalized, engaging and current. The administration and communication with Mind Your Health Ltd has been professional, authentic and seamless. Super proud to be trained by Mind Your Help Ltd. I couldn’t recommend highly enough!

- Natassja Williams, Deputy Head (Wellbeing), Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Dulwich Prep London

We had a great experience with Mind Your Health. The booking process was easy to use, and George offered valuable insight into the different levels of certifications available. The course was delivered across two afternoons, with some self-paced study followed by an individual assessment. George encouraged discussion throughout our workshops and shared personal and professional experiences to give real-life context to our studies. We have received great feedback from the staff who are now Certified Mental Health First Aiders on the value of the training and its usefulness when supporting their peers.

- Dulwich Prep London


George at Mind Your Health gave insightful Mental Health First Aid Training to my Prefect Team. His flexibility and willingness to work online, in person and in a hybrid manner made the session extremely inclusive. They came away with a sense of purpose and a much better understanding of a wide range of issues. I will be using George again next year to train my next team.

- Matt Archer, Wycliffe

Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing

George was the consummate professional when delivering the course to our pastoral leaders. He adapted the content to meet the needs of each of the staff and was exceptionally engaging within the delivery of it. Communication with George was outstanding and he was extremely flexible with our specific school needs. We are very much looking forward to the day we can get George to school physically to deliver this very important qualification for staff. We would thoroughly recommend him to schools’

- Mike Rust, Deputy Head Pastoral, Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing

Wellington College Hangzhou and Huili School Hangzhou

George delivers training on what can be seen as sensitive topics. Working with a group of staff online from over 5,000 miles away is always tough, but, delivering training to those staff on Mental Health when everyone has their own understanding, perceptions, and previous experiences could be seen as an even bigger challenge. However, due to George’s excellent subject knowledge and sensitive approach, all staff came away from the training with a better understanding of what mental health is and what it can impact, and an improved confidence in their own abilities to support themselves, their colleagues, and their pupils. After the training, more open conversations were facilitated to create a safe environment that removed the stigma around mental health.

- Wellington College Hangzhou and Huili School Hangzhou


George ran a series of bespoke Suicide Awareness and Intervention training sessions for my boarding team and student leaders in December 2020. I was impressed with his in-depth knowledge and personable style which enabled him to guide us through some particularly difficult subject material with ease. He was extremely flexible, and I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with him whilst sharing our thoughts of boarding pastoral care. Would happily work with him again and feel confident recommending him to other pastoral leaders.

- Peter Scargill, Assistant Vice Principal

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